White Leather Mini Skirt With Belt


The look of the newly slender modern mini skirt replicates a sense of power. It can be worn in a variety of climates and for an array of occasions, depending on when and where one desires to wear it.

Measure your bust, waist and hip and find the size that best matches your measurements, keeping in mind that 1cm or 2cm either side can be ok.

S    Suitable for sizes  6 - 8
M   Suitable for sizes  10 - 12
L    Suitable for sizes  12 - 14 

Size 6

  • Bust 81cm
  • Waist 61cm
  • Hip, lowest and fullest part 90cm

Size 8

  • Bust 86cm
  • Waist 66cm
  • Hip, lowest and fullest part 95cm

Size 10

  • Bust 91cm
  • Waist 71cm
  • Hip, lowest and fullest part 100cm

Size 12

  • Bust 96cm
  • Waist 76cm
  • Hip, lowest and fullest part 105cm

Size 14

  • Bust 101cm
  • Waist 81cm
  • Hip, lowest and fullest part 110cm

Size 16

  • Bust 108cm 
  • Waist 88cm 
  • Hips, lowest and fullest part 117cm


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